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This is a complete training system to guide the student to understand the operation, programming and troubleshooting on LFT system, mixing, silo and filling system and also star or delta control system.

raining system for delta control, programming to understand the operation
a piping and screwing training system, for students

Only detachable pipe connections are used in this piping assembly training system, which is designed to allow repeated assembly and disassembly: Particularly screw connections and flange connections.

The training system shows how solar and wind power are used to supplement the world’s energy needs in the consumer and industrial markets.

a training system of industrial markets, world power needs for students

This is a complete training system, introducing the student to the operation programming and troubleshooting of modern industrial program mable logic controllers.

programming and troubleshooting training lab
designed for students to train on program, troubleshoot and modern

A comprehensive training system, this introduces students to the operation, programming, and troubleshooting of contemporary industrial programmable logic controllers..

Transporting gases with moderate pressure differences requires the use of radial fans. The radial fan’s medium is drawn in axially, deflected by 90 degrees by the rotation of the rotor, and discharged radially.

a system to transport gases with non-excessive pressure differences
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